Jackhammer: An MTX Car Audio Speaker/Subwoofer Reviews

MTX is an audio company that makes the audio products for different applications.

These products include car audio, home and marine audio, live sound products etc. The brand is famous for the car audio products especially subwoofers and subwoofer amplifiers.

Jackhammer is an MTX car audio product that is the largest automotive subwoofer ever made. It has a very high quality sound production that will dazzle your neighbors and everybody living in the areas you will cross.

Jackhammer, an MTX car audio product is known as the” Biggest, Baddest and Boldest subwoofer ever”.

JackHammer Subwoofer

With a length of 2 feet and a weight of 369 pounds, this MTX car audio product has 10, 000 watts peak power. The voice coil of this MTX car audio product is 6.5 inches and the magnets weighs 900 ounces.

The sound pressure level of this MTX car audio product is very high and for switching to sound quality performance, a replacement cone assembly can also be used.

The sound pressure level competitions often use this MTX car audio product. The jackhammer is capable of producing a sound that is 30 decibels more than the sound that is produced by an airplane at the time of takeoff.

The power consumed by this MTX car audio product is more than the electrical power that a car can provide. High quality wires are used with this jackhammer to provide it with the current and to be driven it requires multiple bridged amplifiers. To power these amplifiers four lead batteries are required.

Other products by MTX include amplifiers, subwoofers, enclosures, thunderforms, speakers, marine and shout outs. The home equipment include custom audio, cabinet speakers, powered subwoofers, Pro-summer, MIX A bus etc.

All these products are available online too. You can easily place the order and get the products shipped to your place. Before making the payment, be clear about the mode of payment.