Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand

For people who want to workout at home, sometimes you are limited to equipment and choices. For example, using a weight stack with pin will mean having a heavy and bulky piece of equipment and using free weight will mean losing time in adding and removing weights.

Now, if you can’t cope with this situation, it is time to look in the way of Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells. These set of weight coupled with its astonishing design will eventually take your workout routine to the height you want it to be. Since a lot of fitness enthusiasts working out at home needs some form of free weight to their arms and chest, the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand is fast becoming the new option for them in getting their upper body in shape.

The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand will be helpful in keeping your weight organized making your workout better and adding more efficiency.

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand

It is important to note that the ergonomic design of this product helps in protecting your lower back and also in aligning your weight for proper maintaining posture when you are lifting weight.

Using the Bowflex SelectTech Stand, you will not need to pick your weight off the floor. The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand also has rack for the hanging of towels. Also note that the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand is designed to be used with the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell weights.

There is a black buckling strap on the Bowflex SelectTech Stand that is designed to keep your weight securely in between workouts.

It also has an Ultra sleek design features which can hold up to 2 dumbbells in a dumbbell rack. It also has a vertical shape with a gray finish with a 22.8 inches overall height from top to bottom.

The side to side overall width is about 19.9 inches. It boasts of an overall depth of 22.2 inches in the front to back axis. in all, the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand has an overall weight of about 49 pounds.

It is important to state that Bowflex has added a safety locking type of feature into its dumbbells. For example, when you dial in 25 pounds without hearing a form of slight clicking noise, it means there is a problem. The slight clicking noise signals a locked setting.

This means that the dumbbells will be locked into place giving no room to remove the dumbbells from the stand. This is an excellent feature as it eliminates all doubt of the safety of the exercise when using the dumbbells.

Do not forget the offset weight selection in the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells.  With this, you have a choice of setting the setting the top part of the dumbbell for 20 pounds for example and also set the bottom part for 10 pounds.

This will come in handy when performing a bicep curls workout program as the slight testing motion at the top and the extra weight on the side of the dumbbell gives an additional challenge. In all, it is very good and interesting product.